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Model Railroad Themed Craftsman Structure Kits

Ipswich Hobbies helps to create your vision of the three-dimensional art known as model railroading.

Ipswich Hobbies is a small company that focuses on delivering laser cut craftsman building kits that are based upon prototype structures. Kits are also available pre-built. Email us for special pricing.

Fidelity to Actual Structures

Ipswich, MA section house as it appeared in 2009.  We have this structure in miniature with Kit #5.

Each of our kits is created with maximum fidelity to the original structure. Some of the prototypes are long gone; some are seriously compromised by years of neglect; some have been faithfully restored. Minor compromises are to allow for commercially available parts or selective compression to fit available model railroad layout space.

Prototype Well Researched

Archives, interviews, photos, CAD drawings all come together to recreate memories.

Historical archives, photos, interviews with locals, and professional CAD drawings all serve to help you to recreate the times and places that you remember. 

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The PDF upload below provides some suggested tools and tips for construction of our kits.